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Online Banner Advertising Services

Everyone is more or less familiar with the banner ads that are often visible on many websites. These adverts dispense product info to visitors and when clicked, they take you to the parent site that has placed the banner ad. These ads recreate the age-old feel of print media advertising, in a digital avatar.

What is a banner ad?

A banner ad is technically only a special type of hypertext link, which can be clicked to access the services mentioned in the ad. The link is displayed not as flat text, but as a banner box containing graphics with certain textual elements.

The banner ad may or may not consist of animation. Banner advertising is a major source of earning internet revenue for many key websites. According to the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), there are different types of banner ads depending on the sizes they occupy in a webpage.

From the full banner (486 x 60 pixels) to the micro button banner (88 x 31 pixels), banner ads come in a variety of sizes. They are also classified as simple ads or rich media ads.

How do you make an impact with banner ads?

In order to make an impact with banner advertising programs, you will have to rely upon basic creativity. Unless your advertisement is creative enough to grab the attention of the visitor, no one will bother to click through the ad, however conspicuously it is.

You should remember that almost every company is placing banner ads, so you have to think hard why a visitor would click your advertisement. Creating impressive banner ads is an art that requires years of experience from the developers and the copywriters.

The success of a banner ad is measured in terms of page clicks, page views, click through rate and the cost per sale statistics.

How do you make your banner ads visible?

Once you have made an outstandingly creative banner ad, you can promote your advertisement by three ways.

First, of course, you communicate directly with the website where you want to place your advertisement. Second, you can join a banner ad network that will broker your deal with the website.

Thirdly, you can also participate in a banner advertising exchange program, where you have your banner ads placed in exchange of having a banner ad in your website.

Banner ads are a great way of promoting your website. Affileads Advertising Network presents you with an exciting opportunity to design and present your banner ads. Avail this opportunity now before the offer expires!            

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