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Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Marketing is all about making the connection between customers and services. Sending marketing emails entails the same principle of reaching out, but in a unique personalized manner.

In this marketing, it is essential to create ad copies that would be personalized according to the preferences of the customer. This is an effective strategy when you are targeting a local consumer base.

However, before that you have to conduct surveys to gain access to the email ids of the local consumer base. We conduct surveys and employ other methods to obtain bulk email ids from local consumer base. So, all you have to do is to get in touch with us for promoting your services through emails.

Email marketing types                           

This Business Email marketing strategy is classified according to the types of emails sent across to consumers. The emails are classified into three categories. First, there are the regular promotional emails that do not offer any specific product/service info, but are designed to strengthen the relationship with customers.

Second, there are the specific emails that provide info about specific products and services and are incorporated with a call to action for the consumers. Third, there are the emails that are sent as per an agreement with other companies. You place the advertisement as an email banner on the emails from companies with whom you have an agreement.   

Email marketing advantages

The primary advantage of this Email marketing procedure is the direct access to a customer’s mailbox. The personalized service that a customer receives creates a long lasting impression and encourages the customer to purchase the product or service from the company.

This is also an incredibly cheap process as emails are free online services that do not require an additional expenditure. Besides, with emails replacing flyers reaching the mailbox of the consumer (the type that is placed outside the house), there is also considerable savings of paper.

In addition, the customer response from emails can be analyzed to determine the effectiveness of the campaign.

We are careful not to spam

One of the major disadvantage  Email marketing companies are encountering  is that it is used by some companies to spam the mailbox of consumers with phishing emails designed to extract personal information or click through a malicious link.

There has been so many instances of such fraud, that customers nowadays have become wary of receiving emails and even useful emails are mistaken as spam. Responsible use of email marketing is ensured from our end, so that your brand reputation is not affected.

Affileads Advertising Network is a major Indian company offering effective email marketing services to reach out to a select consumer base. If you want a personalized appeal for your products/services, it is high time that you utilize our services for your best purpose.

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